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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Can you imagine yourself in this worst-case scenario?: You are off exploring a remote canyon in Utah. You've climbed up into a narrow passage between two huge rock walls. You brace yourself on a boulder wedged between them but suddenly it gives way. As you plummet, the boulder gives chase. As you crash to the bottom, the rock instantly pins your right arm. With no one within earshot how will you extricate yourself free? As each hour, as each day, passes by, you're left with only one option. A dull knife.

[Show pic of Aron Ralston]

Does anyone know who this is? The worse-case scenario I described actually happened to Aron Ralston in 2003. In 2010 the movie "127 Hours" came out. The movie portrayed the gruesome decision Aron Ralston had to make in order to save his life. Amputating your right arm with a dull knife would definitely be a worst-case scenario in my book. It's highly unlikely any of us would ever face a situation like his, but these are the type of scenarios presented in a new book called, Survive-O-Pedia.

How about this worst-case scenario: You're in an elevator when suddenly the cable snaps. Some think that the best way to survive a plummeting elevator is to jump at the perfect moment. Works in the cartoons, right? If you could possibly time your jump correctly you would still only succeed in smashing yourself into the ceiling and then rebounding back into the ground. According to Survive-O-pedia, your best bet is to lie flat on the floor, thus distributing the force of impact more evenly to your body, but be sure to cover your head to protect yourself from flying debris.

I don't know if a recommendation like this would really help your odds at surviving, but I know you'll still enjoy learning about Survive-O-pedias recommendations for 70 of the worst scenarios you could ever imagine. But, please, don't try these at home. Ever.

(Thanks to Patchwork of Books for bringing this book to our attention.)
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