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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix is book one in her new series called, The Missing.

Thirteen years ago FBI Agent James Reardon had a mess to clean up.

Thirteen years ago a Sky Trails Airline supervisor decided the best thing to do was to admit nothing, deny everything and claim her co-worker must have been hallucinating.

Thirteen years ago the airline co-worker named Angela discovered an unexpected arrival at gate 2B. She headed down the ramp to investigate. She noticed the door to an unscheduled plane was open. She thought she could barely hear something, like a soft wimper.

(Ever feel your heart start pounding, your hairs stand up, and your blood drain from your head when you sense danger?) Angela sensed something was wrong and bolted toward, not away from, the sound as fast as she could . As she ran she noticed on the side of the plane the name of an unfamiliar airline, Tachyon Travel. But, before she could process what she was looking at she blinked and the logo changed back to Sky Trails Airline. Was the excitement and adrenaline rush causing her mind to play tricks on her?

Angela stepped on the plane, swivelled her eyes to the cockpit hatch on the left. The small space was empty, instruments dark. At any moment she expected a flight attendant to greet her or at least intercept her before she got any farther. She also feared discovering a pilot laying on the floor, struck down by a heart attack or by some terrorist. Nothing. No one on board, or so it seemed.

The aisle of the plane was empty, and as she inspected the plane for more details, she observed that the passenger section contained twelve rows with two seats per row on one side and 12 seats on the other side for a total of 36 seats.

As she looked down into the seats she probably gasped with astonishment. Her senses had not betrayed her. The plane was indeed occupied. There was not an empty seat to be found.

Each seat contained a baby!

Now, let's fast forward 13 years.

In a small peaceful midwestern town, not that much different from Lindstrom, thirteen-year-old Jonah and his neighbor Chip coincidentally received a plain blank envelope in the mail with the following message:


You see the reason Jonah and Chip received the same letter that day has something to do with what they have in common. They are neighbors, but they also have in common the fact that they were both adopted 13 years ago.

Guess how many other letters went out that day?

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