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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

A book about a memory, a secret, an apprentice, and a spot.

Some might call it De Ja Vu. One moment you're exploring a strange underground tunnel leading to a mysterious vault and in the next your fingers inexplicably twitch as if they know the code that will unlock the impenetrable door. 2519364085, 2519364085-a number flashes like a strobe light in your mind, but you don't know why. This scares you. You start to shake. Your every fiber wants to run away from what your mind can see--memories from a time before you were born.

Like a baby Moses, you were found in a basket floating in a marsh. The tag said Fever, a peculiar name chosen by the mother who abandoned you. A thoughtful man by the name of Dr. Crumb took you into his home, but does the truth about your real identity frighten you from asking him the questions you've buried inside?

For Dr. Crumb your abilities make you quite valuable, yet he is forced to give you up for reasons you cannot even guess. As you walk to the home of your new employer you wonder why the eyes of everyone stare at you. Fever Crumb, don't you realize your mark isn't hidden any longer since you decided your hair was silly and shaved it off!

A spot like a leopard's is the reason for your trouble. Scriven were their name and their spots gave them away. Genetically engineered, they were a new breed of human. A madman by the name of Creech, hunted them down like an exterminator. He never described it as genocide. He always called it rock n' roll!

Did his trigger finger twitch as you walked by with your covered head?

"Who are you?" he asked.

Did he see your spot?

Then, like a fatal blow he asked:

"What... are you?"

There's no time for answers for an apprentice named Fever Crumb. Because of a memory, a secret, and a spot, she'd better run.

If you like dystopian page turners, then I would definitely recommend a thrilling ride called, Fever Crumb, by Philip Reeve.

If this sounds interesting, you may also like the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Roar by Emma Clayton

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