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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Human by Michael Carroll

All hail... Gilgamesh! [class repeats the name after "all hail....."]

Ancient Mesopotamian texts written 4000 years ago in cuneiform script suggest that Gilgamesh did not walk the earth as a mere mortal. These ancient tablets claim he reigned supreme as half-god, half-man. Stories of his super-human strength and how he used it to vanquish his enemies are legend. In the eyes of Gilgamesh, might always made right.


In the book, Superhuman, by Michael Carroll, the reader is asked to imagine what would happen if a super-human like Gilgamesh could be transported over 4000 years into the present. Why anyone would want to do this is another question.


Members of a cult called the Helotry of the Fifth King believe the stories of Gilgamesh were based on the true life of Krodin, an ancient ruler of Mesopotamia. The Helotry think it has now discovered a way to bring the ancient ruler they have worshipped as a god over millenia into the present by manipulating an energy field to cause a rip in time.

All hail...Krodin!

The Helotry-of-the-Fifth-King plans to bring Krodin into the present to establish a new world order. Warped as it may sound, the Helotry believe Krodin’s superhuman brand of strength and cruelty will restore peace and order to our present world. To carry out their plot, they've engineered a flu virus to disable the entire adult population of earth from standing in the way. Vaccinated from the pandemic, the members of the Helotry plan to put the second phase of their operation into motion-to take over a nuclear power plant.

However, like a super-cell of unexpected tornadoes, the Helotry don't count on a race of super-human teenaged heroes that have lived in relative anonymity until now. Although their fledgling powers are not yet under control, the teenage super-humans pack enough punch to distract the Helotry's attention, at least for a little while.


Unknown to these super-human teenagers, a young boy very much like themselves sits locked-up in the strongest fortified prison in the world. If let out, he could easily take the form of pure energy. The Helotry desperately seeks his special power.

Who will find the boy first? Why does the Helotry need him? What will happen if the kids cannot stop Krodin from traveling into the present?

If you like fast paced action oriented stories, if you normally prefer graphic novels (although this isn’ t one), if you like super-heroes, then you might want to take a look at, Super Human by Michael Carroll.

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